Jan 28 2011

4 year old pearls of wisdom

Ella is an eloquent young lady.  A constant chatterbox in her Pre-K class (oh my, the notes that get sent home), she’s a gal with a genuinely great sense of quirky humor and sweetness about her.

I think one of my favorite (and simultaneously terrifying) things about Ella’s current 4 year old status is her perfect mimicry of frequently repeated phrases in our house:

  • ‘I sure do love you, Mom’ (quite frequently prefacing a request for dessert)
  • ‘You’re so beautiful’ (to both mom and dad)
  • ‘Is there something you’d like to say to me now, honey?’ (while waiting for a thank you)
  • ‘I think we need to mind our manners now’ (usually when she’s been naughty, hah)

‘Awwwwww man’ (a Dora the Explorer Swiper catchphrase) – spoken with varying degrees of exasperation

The introduction of  the ‘th’ sound into Ella’s world has brought a whole new complexity in proper pronunciation:

  • ‘Whather we have for dinner tonight?’
  • ‘Fank you for asking’
  • ‘I fink you already asked me that’
  • 1,2, free…  12, firteen, 14

Ella has acquired an imaginary offspring, beginning with her first son named who mysteriously disappeared after repeatedly misbehaving and was followed immediately by her ‘Avatar Son’.  We move on quickly around this house, apparently.

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