Sep 04 2011

First day of kindergarten

Classic first day pose

We’ve graduated to a new neighborhood with a great (public = no massive tuition!!!, Vanguard program) school within a 30 second drive – but unfortunately we found ourselves one street away from the appropriate zoning.

Seriously, one street.  After an initial application, testing, interview and lottery process (WHEW)- we got the good news, Ella made it!  I hopped up and down like it was Harvard.

Ella in her first day of Kindergarten outfit

Her first day was great, especially since her birthday was the day before (5 years old, holy cow) and she was basically crowned princess of the class:

Ella the Kindergarten Queen

This year has started out effortless, she has a fantastic teacher who communicates regularly via email and notes home (super responsive) – with NO TYPOS.  Is this heaven!?!?  Active PTA, super cool parents, really great building and just down the road from our sweet little home.

Important Kindergarten items of note:

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