Apr 20 2011

Ella the Aviatrix

Ella the aviator in the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

Oh the joy of flight.  A thrill that Ella got to experience for the very first time (OH EM GEEEE!!) on our fantastic trip to Pittsburgh last weekend.

The formula for Ella’s first airplane flight went thusly:

  1. 1 set of pilot wings from the nice lady who checked our bags
  2. A Nintendo bag full of snackies (sugar free gum, gummy peaches, dark chocolate M&Ms)
  3. Transformer motorcycle toy from Daddy
  4. Borrowed Nintendo 3DS from Mommy (with Kirby and PilotWings)
  5. Bright pink stuffed Kirby doll
  6. Dad’s iPod with Sesame Street video podcasts loaded and ready
  7. An uncle and Grammy sitting behind us, sending Ella presents along the way
  8. 2 favorite books to read and notepad to write in
  9. 4 weeks of excitement building up!!!!

Ella did great on this first flight – most likely the first of many.  Nice that she was so natural and patient – and especially funny with the flight attendants and, well, every single person on the plane should could strike up conversation with.

The kid’s got jet setter eyes – note the oozing of nonchalance with the whole experience below.  We heard some squeals of amazement as we took off, but shortly after Ella grew accustomed to the whole flying thousands of feet in the air and was far more eager to get to playtime.

Ella the flier

Our shortie is a pretty mellow gal – all she really needed was the occasional dark chocolate M&M, sip of water and a bit of entertainment material (the inflight magazine was a big, big hit – as was the Nintendo 3DS with 3D mode off for her little eyeballs).

Waiting for the flight home

I took a peek at some traveling with kiddos-type websites, but found that for this under 4 hour trip, common sense was really that’s all required for a reasonable traveling experience.  That and sitting in front of Ella’s Grammy and Uncle Mark who showered her with gifts and snacks the entire flight – an amazing morale booster to be sure :)

What’s the best flight that you’ve taken with your kiddos like?  Any war stories, hilarity to share or favorite kiddo travel hacks

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