Mar 05 2011

Cowgirl nouveau fashionista for ‘Go Texan Day’

I’d to clear up any misconceptions that anyone has about Texas, the wild and fiercely independent state that we are.  Contrary to (apparently) popular belief, we do not all ride horses, live in the desert in between cactus patches or wear cowboy hats everyday.  So now I’d like for you to forget that last bit so that we can talk about a very unique annual Houston experience called Go Texan Day.

Don’t believe me?  The Houston Chamber of Commerce says:  “Grow beards, wear big hats, boots and spurs. Let’s put a little touch of the Wild West into this thing.” I love this city :)

Every February 25th kids, adults and everyone in between dons their pearl button down shirts, cowboy boots and anything else that vaguely resembles Western wear – the effect is awesome.  People watching in the grocery store has never been more fun.

You can check out Ella’s Go Texan Day garb below and note the creative license we took in it.  We were going for more of an electric cowgirl concept, matching hot pink leopard leggings, flirty denim skirt, ruffle top and hot pink bandana – with punk rock motorcycle boots of course.  Good times in a great state.

Ella the cowgirl for Go Texan Day 2011


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